All of out of use vehicles is covered in our workshops on the site of Hallennes lez Haubourdin and this, with the greatest respect of the environment.

Our center is certified and approved for decontamination and dismantling of out of use vehicles in accordance with environmental requirements.

Environmental cleanup:

Before any dismantling, VHUs go through our clearance center. Equipped with ten lifts, the two operators are in charge of cleanup operations. 
The fluids are extracted from the vehicle and recovered in sealed tanks (40,000 liters in 2006). The batteries are stored in appropriate bins. During 2006, 5322 vehicles were cleared and nearly 60 tons were extracted from ELVs. The wheels are removed in order to be valued.

Today we recycle 85% of the weight of a vehicle, and we are committed to recycle 95% by 2015, this in accordance with the European directive.

During 2010, 5862 vehicles were removed by our operators and 6150 vehicles were crushed by our grinder.

Waste from the decontamination and deconstruction of ELVs and the general activity of the company are sent to professionals in fields agreed to be destroyed or recovered.

For 2010, we treated seven tons of cardboard and paper, 800 kg of contaminated drums, 800 kgs of aerosols, 10 tons of contaminate rags and 32 000 liters of various

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