Removal ELV

Licensee a transport capacity, we have a fleet of nine trucks-car transporters. We carry out the removal on 11 departments.

On the calendar period 2011, we treated more than 7,890 vehicles affected. Our supplies are made through agreements signed with companies and mutual insurance.

Upon receipt of the removal order, we undertake to removing vehicles within 8 days. These vehicles, after their removal, are stored on our site Hallennes lez Haubourdin in a fenced and protected enclosure. We await the final provision by the company before process vehicles.

Our administrative service, consisting of eight people, provides a fully computerized management of records upon receipt of the removal order. We are committed toresolving vehicle within thirty days from the date of receipt of the management centers of the insurers.

We buy directly from individuals or businesses, leasing agencies,  expert automotive manufacturers.

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One number:, we take care of everything.

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